Personal Mission Statement

Use the DNA of High-Performance Leadership Modelto L.E.A.D. Love, Empower, Advance, and Dare individuals and teams to lead a Christ-centered, extraordinary life.

My Core Beliefs

  • Stand in grace & walk by faith.
  • This is the day God has made, rejoice and be glad in it.
  • God has a perfect plan and timing for your life.
  • All things work together for your good.

My Core Values

  • Gratitude – Give thanks in all circumstances.
  • Health – Live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Wisdom – Apply your talents 
  • Joy – Enjoy your journey with gratitude and joy.

Personal Life

Thank you so much for taking the time to begin this extraordinary journey with me. To tell you a little bit about myself, I’m a Brazilian-US citizen who has lived in both San Diego and Rio de Janeiro for the last twenty years. I am passionate about God, about life, about sports, and about people. So, I created this site to share my passion and realize my dream to use the DNA of High-Performance Leadership Model to LEAD: Love, Empower, Advance, Dare a Christ-centered, Extraordinary Life.

Ever since I was a child growing up in Brazil, I’ve always been passionate about sports and performance. I always wanted to give all I had and get maximum results in everything I did, and also enjoy the process. This enthusiasm and commitment led me to experience great success in youth soccer and swimming. I also enjoyed other individual and team sports such as sailing, judo, volleyball, jiu-jitsu, and bodysurfing.

High-Performance Leadership Coaching

Being involved in sports taught me the importance of having a high-performance coach for ongoing  improvement and the ability to achieve desired results. I realized early in my life that the same qualities needed to succeed in any sports—awareness, commitment, confidence, focus, discipline, resilience, perseverance, etc.—are the same principles behind the success of any personal or professional project we decide to pursue.

However, I did not go straight from performing as an athlete to a high-performance leadership coach helping others to achieve peak performance and living an extraordinary life. It took years of studying leadership, human development, and performance psychology and learning to apply these principles in my own life. I discovered what worked and what didn’t by becoming my own “lab experiment.” I started a few companies and had lots of success. Along the way I had lots of failures, too. All my research and experiences culminated in the understanding that the only way to achieve high-performance, happiness, and fulfillment is by having the commitment and discipline to focus consistently on the Daily Necessary Actions required.

Professional Life

On a professional level, I have a master’s degree in Executive Leadership from the School of Business Administration, University of San Diego, and started several successful businesses in the United States and Brazil. I have become an expert in the fields of leadership and executive coaching, with extensive experience in performance psychology and human development. 

I currently coach professional athletes, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and pastors using the DNA High-Performance Leadership Model based on an extensive research into self-mastery, which empowers individuals to fulfill their potential and build a strong foundation of faith and hope for making daily decisions — both professionally and personally.

I currently live in San Diego, collaborating with clients to answer their true calling, live up to their full potential, and maximize their natural talents and abilities. 

Relevant Experiences | Founder

Relevant Experiences | Leadership Coach

André Galvão

“In all competitions I worked with coach Eric, I had success and won all the battles, and so far has been 100% success. Confidence, self-control, personal leadership and motivation are key pieces on the day of a champion , and these principles were developed during each camp.”

André Galvão, 5x ADCC World Champion & 5x Black Belt World Champion
Atos Jiu Jitsu – San Diego, CA

“With God all things are possible” Mt.19.26

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